Friskies Tasty Treasures Gravy Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Wet Cat Food


Title: 5.5-oz, case of 24

Take your cat’s taste buds on a flavorful adventure with Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures Gravy Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Wet Cat Food. Tender shredded chunks of chicken and tuna deliver the tastes cats love, and the mouthwatering gravy balances out this recipe for added yum. Let her delight in the irresistible sprinkles of cheese flavor in every bite, which she is sure to thank you for. She’ll adore the sensational taste combination this wet cat food brings to her dish, and you’ll appreciate that each serving contains 100% complete and balanced nutrition for the growth of kittens and the maintenance of adult cats. Open a can and let the delightful aroma tempt her to her dish, and watch as she savors every delectable morsel. With its combination of tasty seafood and poultry, this Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures recipe will be a fast favorite for the feline in your household. Offer up the savory flavors your cat craves with PurinaFriskies Tasty Treasures Gravy Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Wet Cat Food. The tempting texture gives her something to sink her teeth into with every bite, and the rich gravy adds a delicious finishing touch to this wet cat food recipe. Sprinkles of cheese flavor add a tasty surprise to each serving, and the appealing shredded chunks get your playful cat excited about mealtime. Because this recipe is formulated to provide 100% complete and balance nutrition for kittens and adult cats, it gives you an easy way to keep consistency in your feline friend’s diet while giving her the delicious taste combination she loves. For cats who love to try new flavors, explore our full line of Purina Friskies wet cat food varieties. We know you care about where your cat’s meals come from, which is why we craft this wet cat food recipe in our Purina-owned U.S. plants. Each batch is checked for quality and safety to to make sure your cat gets the nutrients she deserves and the taste she loves. We track our ingredients through every step of the manufacturing process to help ensure we meet or exceed every federal and state requirement, giving you added peace of mind every time you fill your cat’s dish with this scrumptious recipe. At Purina, we value sustainability, and we package this wet cat food in recyclable cans as part of our commitment. This means your purchases can help you to have a positive impact on the world around you while satisfying your cat’s cravings for savory flavors. Fill her dish with Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures Gravy Chicken, Tuna & Scallop Wet Cat Food every day, or rotate her meals to include Purina Friskies 7 dry cat food for a variety of tastes and textures sure to please her palate.


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