GloFish Special Flakes Fish Food


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Help the colors of your GloFish glow even brighter with Tetra GloFish Special Flakes Fish Food. GloFish are born with their fluorescent colors, but nutrition is important to helping them stay vibrant. Tetra GloFish Special Flakes Fish Food is made from a proprietary formula that maximizes brightness. This colorful, four-flaked blend contains customized amino acids that bring out the natural pigments, maximizing the colors of your GloFish. The flakes even glow under LED lights!


Why We Love It:

  • Optimized for GloFish fluorescent fish and other tropical fish
  • Customized amino acids make GloFish brighter
  • With customized amino acids for better health

About GloFish

Add a splash of eye-popping to your tank or dive into a complete GloFish® tank conversion. With GloFish® fluorescent fish and our full line of GloFish products, you can breathe new life into your tank, and your love of the hobby!


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