Health Extension Grain Free 95% Chicken Canned Dog Food


Title: 12.5-oz, case of 12

The best way to add protein to your dog’s diet ~ Our Meaty Mix Chicken contains over 98% all-natural, super premium deboned chicken. Add to your dog’s favorite dry food and stand aside. Try both Meaty Mix formulas today! * No By-Products * No Rendered Animal Fats * No Corn * No Glutens * No Soy * No Artificial Preservatives * No Wheat * No BHT * No Ethoxyquin * No Added Sugar * No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Dyes This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. Feeding Instructions Feeding requirements may vary based on your dog’s age, activity level and environment. Health Extension Meaty Mix for Puppies & Dogs is made exclusively with Chicken. Canines love chicken, so add this supplement to their dry food daily.


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