Kaytee NutriSoft Parakeet and Cockatiel Food


Size: 2 lb

Kaytee NutriSoft bird food pairs a unique, soft texture with natural fruit flavors to mimic the fresh fruits and vegetables found in your pet bird’s native habitat. NutriSoft bird food is great for picky eaters, featuring an enticing soft texture while providing optimal nutrition. Kaytee NutriSoft food is a daily diet with the essential nutrients your pet bird needs to support digestive, brain, heart, skin, and feather health. There’s a little peace of mind in every piece of soft, delicious, nutritious, Kaytee NutriSoft.

  • Natural Fruit Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Daily Diet with optimal nutrition
  • Pre and Probiotics support Digestive Health
  • Omega-3, Omega 6. and Amino Acids support Skin and Feather Health


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