Kinetic Performance Mass 34K Dog Supplement


Title: 4-lb

Kinetic Mass 34K is a canine supplement intended to support healthy weight gain for highly active dogs that struggle to maintain body condition. Kinetic Mass 34K is formulated with a proprietary blend of digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and other nutrients to help your dog’s transition to support a healthy weight, skin and coat condition.


Why We Love It

  • WEIGHT GAIN – Concentrated calories to support healthy weight gain
  • SKIN & COAT – Promotes full, glossy skin and coat
  • Source of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA

About Kinetic Performance

We formulated the Kinetic performance dog food line based on what we consider to be the optimum profile of a performance dog. While performance can mean different things for different dogs, there are a number of key health areas that hold true almost universally. Following are what we considered to be some of the most important attributes and what we did to address them in our formulations.


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