Optimeal Vital Nurture Kitten Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food


Optimeal dry kitten food with high chicken content provides highly-digestible quality protein and a taste that can’t be beat. A healthy and wholesome recipe

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Our healthy kitten food recipe is food for growth, providing complete nutritional and immune support. We combine deboned chicken and other natural high-protein foods with digestive herbs, vitamins, minerals, and wholesome grains that create the perfect balance for a happy, healthy kitten.


Why We Love It

  • FRESH CHICKEN IS THE FIRST INGREDIENT. Optimeal’s high chicken content provides your kitten with highly digestible quality protein and a taste that can’t be beat
  • HEALTHY GROWTH. Optimeal delivers the vitamins and minerals your kitten needs to grow into a strong and healthy adult, plus DHA from salmon oil to support brain development
  • HIGH ENERGY. Wholesome grains provide carbohydrates and essential nutrients for energy

About Optimeal

WE SHARE YOUR LOVE FOR ANIMALS Do you remember the moment you found your pet– or, perhaps, she found you? Your heart went out to her in a flash, and you knew you belonged together. We share that experience. Our family-owned company is like a big family of pet lovers coming together to improve every pet’s life. Our love of animals consistently pushes us to excel, whether leveraging the latest findings in nutritional science or raising the bar on industry standards. We’re driven by honesty, integrity and compassion. It feels great knowing that we’re taking care of your pets as well as we take care of ours.


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